Got kids?
Well chances are they love seeing people in uniforms, big fire trucks with their hoses a-spraying, police dogs a-barking, big tug boats a-tooting, animal rescues, helicopters, cars being cut up with giant scissors, and general organised mayhem.
This Saturday 10.00am until 3.30pm there is a free Emergency Services Day at Waitangi Park and snaking around Taranaki Wharf behind Te Papa.  There will be vintage and modern emergency appliances, helicopters, tug boats and surprise visit from the Armed Offenders Squad in the morning.
The Espresso Rescue caravan will be there for any parents who need an emergency coffee fix.
If the weather packs it in or you feel like a change of pace, head over to Te Papa from 12.30pm until 3.00pm for the opening of the lastest exhibition The Mixing Room.  There will be interactive music workshops in the marae for young kiwis (most from a refugee background).  You can watch as they create traditional music mixed with rap, hip-hop and electronic music.  Te Papa’s multi-coloured modern marae is a great place to check out the next generation of Refugee Allstars with your kids.