Hey you, Vic student! Shouldn’t you be busy studying instead of reading blogs? Well fine, if you’re looking for ways to occupy your brain, Vic Books has a suggestion for you

Vicbooks is running a duo of writing competitions, one for Poetry and the other for Short Stories. We want to see what Victoria undergraduate students are capable of when they delve into poetry instead of economics, dip into fiction rather than history (wait… was that irony?) and draw fully on their talents and imagination.

The selected winner in each category will receive over $200 in Book Tokens, plus a pile of selected books from our excellent stock. The winners will also be published in the student paper Salient, on the vicbooks website and on our blog. There are no entry fees and all the details are on our website.

Of course, if you’re not a Vic undergrad, you can always tell us a story instead. Have at it in our comments section.