Update: MyGalaxi will also be open on Sunday 26 September.

You know how we had a blue moon this New Year’s Eve, right?  And how that is kind of a freak occurrence when you think about it, right?

Well, this Saturday is the blue moon of markets. There are two only once-a-monthers and one super-special, souped-up weekly market being held in our fair city.  It won’t matter if the skies ain’t blue because they are all held indoors (very sensible).

First up, the Frank Kitts Underground Markets are holding a special Indie Fashion and Jewellery themed market in the Wilsons carparking building under Frank Kitts Park on the waterfront.  This market has been putting in the hard yards over winter, hocking their wares weekly and building up a dedicated following.  Their regular stallholders will be there plus a range of special guests.  Check out their latest newsletter for details.


Next up is the fourth outing of Mygalaxi Art Markets based in the basement of 39 Dixon Street.  These markets are keeping it arthouse under the firm leadership of Arlo Edwards (best Art Experience don’t you know) and the benevolent patronage of James Gilbert at Photospace who is the wind beneath a few creative wings.  Long live the patron, we say!


Last up is the once-a-month Newtown People’s Market (it seems the Greens can punctuate) at St Anne’s Church Hall in Emmett Street in Newtown.  We have never been but the promise of fresh fruit and veg, plants, second hand goodies and crafts does sound attractive.  We also hear good things about the food you can get from the diverse Newtown community stallholders.

Spread the love, keep it local and tell us what you think.