The former Hallensteins building on Cuba Mall has been undergoing a bit of a facelift, getting rid of its cute and interesting 1980s post-modern facade and replacing it with something that looks a lot less interesting (sob!)

But what’s lost in the building has partly been made up for with its cheerful new tenant, the Japan City variety shop.

While Japan City does stock a large range of very reasonably priced homewares (most items are $3.60, some higher), my eye was drawn to the more quirky objects. Here are my faves:

Faux Louis Vuitton teddy bear

Hey, who says it’s too soon to be nostalgic for the ’00s? Put on some Pussy Cat Dolls, watch your The Simple Life DVD boxset, cuddle Mr Louis Fuzzy-Face and all your troubles will disappear.

Wet towel for an adult’s buttocks

It’s products like this that make me think Japan City will do really well. They’re not just selling the cheap fruits of globalisation, they’re managing to sell things you can’t buy anywhere else in New Zealand. A wet towel for an adult’s buttocks? Why not!

Egg brush

You know when you’re cooking an egg or two and you think, “Man, these eggs are awesome, but they need a good brushing.” And you try to brush them with your toothbrush but the yolk breaks and it’s all ruined and then you just give up and head to Meow for brunch? Well, this will solve all your eggy woes.

Wooden spoons

Hey, it’s some wooden spoons. Wait, these aren’t hilarious. They’re actually quite nice. That’s right – there are lots of nice kitchen things you should check out. The cups and bowls are quite nice too.

Executive gentleman’s chopsticks produced by… WTF?!

This is a pair of executive gentleman’s chopsticks, produced by the well known chopstick producer LUBE SHEEP. Obviously Japan City has researched the market well before opening in New Zealand. Also: LUBE SHEEP.