We get to keep The Hobbit. Yay! Everyone has opinions on the matter, because everyone knows someone who’s worked on LOTR (my mum made some of the mugs in the “it comes in pints?” scene in the last movie).

We’re stoked for the people who work in our film industry, but less impressed about the “oh hey, sure, we can totally change our laws for you, Warner Brothers” appearance of it all. As the poor cold journalist waiting outside the PM’s house for a verdict today tweeted “now to get a company to come here and convince the PM to pay men and women the same for the same work, or work of equal value.”

But anyways, the point of this post is that a really special round of applause must go to TV3’s scheduler, who screened the Radioactive Man episode of The Simpsons today. Sample dialogue:

Assistant: All right, we have $30 million to spend.
Quimby: We’ll blow up our dams, destroy forests, anything! If
there’s a species of animal that’s causing problems nosing
around your camera, we’ll have it wiped out!
Director: Look! We just want to make movies, not kill things.
Wiggum: [winks] Riight, we understand, heh.
— Say no more, “Radioactive Man”