Winners at the 2014 Capital Awards

Here’s our storified coverage live from the Capital Awards¬†because we’re too lazy to type it all out. Hopefully this is still accessible. [View the story “Winners at the Capital Awards” on Storify]

Domestic violence isn’t funny. Hopefully these comedians are

Last week, we gave away a pass t0 Raybon Kan’s comedy show as a favour to a friend. On hearing about what his show contained, I am so very sorry we did. Jokes about Chris Brown beating his girlfriend? Not okay.¬† Here are some handy New Zealand statistics from Women’s Refuge One in three women […]

What we’ve been tweeting about lately

Do you follow us on Twitter? A lot of you do. But you might miss our tweets in amongst all your very important updates from sportspeople, so here’s what’s been going on. We talked about a new Mojo opening in the Telecom building on Willis Street, and what a relief that was since it was […]

The home of the schnapps election

‘Zumwohl’ doesn’t sound like something that originates in Wellington, but it turns out that Ulf Fuehrer (apparently a real name!) and his Aotearoa Distilleries Ltd company that makes the award-winning schnapps are based right here. Add that location to our love of public servants expressing opinions, our twitter addiction, our mutual admiration agreement with Public […]

Flim Wellington!

We get to keep The Hobbit. Yay! Everyone has opinions on the matter, because everyone knows someone who’s worked on LOTR (my mum made some of the mugs in the “it comes in pints?” scene in the last movie). We’re stoked for the people who work in our film industry, but less impressed about the […]

Wellingtonista Twitter

Being the hep cool web cats that we are, the Wellingtonista has recently set ourselves up a Twitter account so that we can send out updates about what you should do with yourselves. If you’re already a twitter user, head on over to our account and sign up to receive the word from the streets, generally at a one-or-two updates per day rate. If you haven’t used Twitter before, we’ve got a little specific how-to after the jump.