Do you follow us on Twitter? A lot of you do. But you might miss our tweets in amongst all your very important updates from sportspeople, so here’s what’s been going on.

  • We talked about a new Mojo opening in the Telecom building on Willis Street, and what a relief that was since it was literally tens of metres to Mojo State and Mojo Old Bank and Mojo Bond. @mojocoffeenz very graciously replied back that it’s mostly to serve people in the building, and invited us in for a tour, which we’ve yet to go for. I’ll try to pin down a decent photographer from the Wellingtonista and see what we can do. I said that I liked Mojo coffee but found their baking boring (and expensive) and wanted an independent deli around, and @mojocoffeenz rightly pointed out that the startup costs in the inner city would be huge, and the profit margins low. Since then we’ve discovered fantastic muffins at Nook (at the bottom of the escalator going into the State food court) and the amazing cheese scones at Pravda.
  • We learnt that tourists spend $2663 dollars per minute in Wellington. We asked you how you’d spend that much in one minute, and apparently you’d blow it on tips at The Mermaid, cupcakes from Tempt, and ordering degustation menus for all your friends. Nice work.
  • This cat has been hanging around my house in Mount Victoria and I would really like to reunite it with its owner, as it is very hungry and desperate for love, but I already have my own cat, and a bunch of foster cats as well.
    picture of random cat in my houseDo you know where it belongs? Do get in touch!
  • Speaking of cats, we’ve also been pimping out Wild Animals this Friday, a party to raise money for Wellington SPCA. You should come along.
    a poster showing animals dressed as hipsters dancing like Thom Yorke
  • Terry Serepisos’s house is for sale. Who said money couldn’t buy taste?
  • And finally, we spotted this guy in a suit, who got on the bus at the St James, eating noodles from a pottery bowl with a metal fork. We weren’t entirely sure if he was doing it wrong or oh so right, but the number of retweets we got would suggest he’s somewhat of a legend.
    image of a guy eating noodles on the bus