e-picture of e-waste, e-day 2009
Photo by Flickr user StormPetrel1

You know all that stuff under your bed, in your wardrobe or in your bottom drawer? Yeah, that old laptop you were going to sell on Trade Me when you upgraded five years ago, and your crappy old cellphone you could never go back to since you bought your spiffy new smartphone.

Well, you know what else? You’re never going to get around to listing it all on Trade Me, and you’ll probably just end up biffing it the next time you move flats.

So now is the time to face facts and dispose of your old gadgets and computer bits in a thoughtful manner – it’s time for eDay.

eDay is the once-a-year collection opportunity for old computer and tech equipment. They’ll take if off your hands for free and ensure that it’s recycled or disposed of in a safe way.

You can drop off all these sorts of items:

  • computer hardware
  • monitors
  • networking equipment (e.g. modems, routers, hubs)
  • scanners
  • keyboards, mice, speakers
  • laptops
  • printers
  • game consoles
  • toner and ink jet cartridges
  • mobile phones
  • fax machines
  • digital cameras

But no TVs, videos or stereo equipment.

eDay Wellington
Westpac Stadium car park
Saturday 6 November (tomorrow!)