As part of Massey University’s ‘Blow’ Creative Arts Festival, Leimomi Oakes is once again presenting a  a free talk and fashion show From Pompeii to Paris: the Classical influence on Western fashion

See history come to life with a talk exploring how ancient Greece and Rome have influenced fashions in the West.  The talk will be illustrated by 13 models in historically accurate recreations of period costumes, ranging from the 1770s to the 1930s, and complete with stays, panier, corsets and bustles.  Each ensemble has been created by Leimomi Oakes using period accurate sewing techniques and historical examples.

After the talk the audience will be able to meet the models and inspect their garments up-close: see for yourself how the big hip baskets of 18th century gowns are created, find out if a corset is comfortable or not, or just enjoy the beautiful handwork on every single garment.

Thursday, 18 November, 6-8pm, Theaterette 10A02, Old Museum Building