T4WAHello, good people of Wellington. It is time, once again for The Annual Wellingtonista Awards! Wahoo! This year we are referring to them as #TAWA5, for all your twittering needs.

Once again, we would like your suggestions for what you would like nominated in the following categories, which you will be able to vote for from Nov 20. As usual, I will break out my bold tags to remind you that this is your only chance to make suggestionsit’s too late by the time we open up the voting, and as usual the Wellingtonista will have final say, so if you want something included, make a passioned plea for it in the comments and we will listen.

This year some of the categories are slightly different so I’ll include a line about each to explain it, but if you have questions or want clearer definitions, just ask. Oh, and the TAWAs will be at Mighty Mighty (as always) on December 3 from 6pm, so come along!

  1. Best Cafe (Somewhere casual you’d go for a sit-down meal, not just coffee)
  2. Best Restaurant (Somewhere less casual, probably more expensive and would probably be licensed)
  3. Best Drink in Town (Best cocktail/beer/whatever, and where it is made)
  4. Best Late Night Experience (Where do you go after dinner? Do you go to dance or get into mischief?)
  5. Best Service (Which hospitality worker makes your every visit a pleasure?)
  6. Best Coffee (We’re talking a cup of coffee you buy somewhere, not the beans)
  7. Best Regular Entertainment (A wide category, something that happens more than once a year that you enjoy)
  8. Best Live Performance (What gigs blew your mind?)
  9. Best Event (What single experience was amazing?)
  10. Best Outdoors Experience (Where do you go when you don’t want to be indoors?)
  11. Best Suburban Destination (What’s a good reason to get out of the city?)
  12. Best Art Experience (This might be an exhibition – or it might not)
  13. Best Shopping Experience (What shop makes you want to spend all your money and why?)
  14. Most Needed (What would make Wellington more awesome?)
  15. Most Missed (What needs to be resurrected?)
  16. Best Contribution to the Internet by a Wellingtonian (Who in this city is making rad things happen on the web?)
  17. Best Thing About Wellington This Year (Who or what has had a major positive effect?)

We have a super-condensed timeline this year, so get your suggestions in ASAP, before November 13. Cheers!