There are many nice casual lunch places in town. What we don’t seem to have though is an abundance of nice casual lunch places on the Waterfront.

We need more places like Kaffee Eis, and Fiesta.

Fiesta has a small and reasonably priced range of burgers, hot dogs, and nachos; not your greasy spoon variants but quality versions you’re not going to feel too guilty eating while all the fitness freaks jog by.

We had a lovely venison burger which was very filling, if a little slow to arrive.

For drinks they have the usual coffee (Celcius) and yer Phoenix; but we went for the Raspberry & Pear smoothies:

Fiesta smoothies

Between those and the burgers, we were pretty much full. And, we’d gotten in a sunny lunch on the Waterfront.

Fiesta: Waterfront, below Frank Kitts Park