The Performance Arcade 2015

by Sue Tyler February 18, 2015

The Performance Arcade is one of those delightful yearly Wellington events that happen come rain or shine, wind or gale. The Arcade’s popped up on the waterfront every summer since 2011 and the 2015 series kicks off tonight 18th of February at 5pm. It’s running for 13 hours every day – because even artists have […]

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Some food-related things that are good right now

by Joanna November 20, 2012

We went to Charlotte, the new steakhouse at 201 Cuba Street that is in the house with the checkered past. The service was very friendly, and the steaks were cooked beautifully. They are busy because they had a stupidly cheap Groupon deal, but it is worth making a reservation for, if you are of a […]

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Going slowly for maximum pleasure

by Stephen J September 4, 2011

It was a beautiful Sunday in Wellington today. The air was crisp and cool but the sun was bright and the first signs of spring were visible. For example, as I wheeled along the waterfront promenade this afternoon, a few brave young men and women were in sleeveless tops or short shorts, anticipating temperatures that […]

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Getting social while someone else does the cooking

by The Masked Barfly July 21, 2011

On Monday night, some of the Wellingtonista went along to the launch of Social Cooking, a new cooking school based in Herd Street, so this fly tagged along too, buzzing overhead. The launch was held inside the City Market space, not actually in the classroom itself, where stands were set up by various purveyors to […]

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The Indian job

by Robyn January 18, 2011

Those of us around the Civic Square or waterfront areas may have noticed a bit of a kerfuffle involving a fleet of Minis hooning where cars aren’t normally allowed. This is, it turns out, part of a Wellington-based shoot for the film “Players”, a cheeky Bollywood remake of the Michael Caine classic “The Italian Job”. […]

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Waterfront Fiesta

by Alan November 24, 2010

There are many nice casual lunch places in town. What we don’t seem to have though is an abundance of nice casual lunch places on the Waterfront. We need more places like Kaffee Eis, and Fiesta. Fiesta has a small and reasonably priced range of burgers, hot dogs, and nachos; not your greasy spoon variants […]

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Future waterfront

by Tom July 20, 2006

just the spot for a wooden rollercoaster, or a brothel?I’ve been asked to give a brief talk to the board and management of Wellington Waterfront Ltd (WWL) about my “three top priority ideas for the waterfront”. It will be no suprise to most of you that I won’t struggle for things to say, but while I’ve been asked to speak as an individual rather than as a representative for any group, I’d like to get your input into this.

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