• We went to Charlotte, the new steakhouse at 201 Cuba Street that is in the house with the checkered past. The service was very friendly, and the steaks were cooked beautifully. They are busy because they had a stupidly cheap Groupon deal, but it is worth making a reservation for, if you are of a carnivorous nature. The rooms are a little souless, but the tables and chairs are very comfortable, and soul takes time.
    picture of steaksRib eye with garlic butter & some kind of sauce, and fillet with cafe de paris
  • The good people at Urban Harvest are doing Xmas hampers right now to make your shopping life easy. They were launched with a dinner at Ti Kouka, which was amazingly delicious and so ridiculously fresh.
  • Speaking of Ti Kouka: 1. They have $5 drinks on Thursdays and Fridays from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. With food that good, that is crazy. 2. We went there for Wineseeker’s Italian degustation dinner with matched Italian wine, and recommend you get on Wineseeker’s mailing list ASAP so you don’t miss out on tickets to the planned Portuguese dinner.  We won’t write up all the dishes (although we note that the incredible chocolate, cherry and cranberry mousse is on their Xmas menu now, yay), but here’s some Instagrams to make you sad you weren’t there.Scallop risotto Scallop risotto with asparagus

    instagram food Lamb shoulder w buckwheat, mushrooms & pomegranate served with Barolo.

    ravioli Pumpkin ravioli with artichoke crisp

  • Finally, today we had a coffee at the Coronation Cafe, which is a popup space within the Museum of Wellington City and Sea. The coffee is L’affare and good and strong, and while there are only a couple of sweet treats on offer, and no savoury food, there are many many stacks of books about the Queen for you to browse, a play area for kids, and it’s a gorgeous light and spacious interior. It would be a good place to have a meeting away from the office. Or, even better, head along to High Tea and High Fashion this Saturday. Plus, when’s the last time you checked out the museum?  We’ve pinched this image of the cafe being set up from their Facebook site.
    coronation cafe