Pottery glaze detail
Pottery glaze detail

You know what’s a nice thing to do? Buying pottery to give to people as gifts. You know what else is a nice thing to do? Pimping your mother out. Awww yeah. It just so happens that my mother is a potter, and she’s having her annual pre-Christmas open house at her studio/gallery this weekend in Ngaio.

I will have some excellent pots, functional and decorative, pots hot from the kiln ( I hope)… and a veritable graveyard of pots for the garden injured mainly in transit, lovingly restored that I’m willing to part with at bargain prices.
For those of you who already own a pot, are saturated, or make your own, guest exhibitors Angie and Russell Dear will have some wonderfully arty and different photographic views of Wellington on photo blocks or larger canvasses.

porcelain cups and saucers set

This is a great chance to stock up on gifts and homeware for yourself, at ludicrously cheap prices (because you’ll be saving on shop commissions, and also there will be what she calls seconds on sale, which you and I would call “oh that tiny little speckle on the bottom of the pot right there hardly visible to the naked eye, you think that’s an imperfection???”).

Pottery Open Weekend

  • 11am-5pm Saturday and Sunday
  • 24 &25 November
  • 35 Huntleigh Park Way, Ngaio

Please note that Huntleigh Park Way is up the top of a big hill, so you may want to drive instead of taking public transport. Keen walkers, however, should check out Huntleigh Park Outer Green Belt while they’re up there. Decent coffee and hearty portions can also be found in Ngaio at Cafe Villa.

PS: while we’ve got our pimp hat on, given they’re both in the Wellingtonista, we’d be remiss not to suggest gorgeous laser-cut jewellery from SuperVery and all kinds of design goodies at Wanda Harland.