There are a few shops around town that cater to pop-culture junkies and seekers of retro memorabilia, but newcomer Vanishing Point (40 Abel Smith St) adds a  personal twist. As quiffed and string-tied rockabillies wandered about the tiny shop on opening day, the owners had to point out that what looked like a café or bar behind the rear curtain was actually their home.

Vanishing Point, 40 Abel Smith St

There’s a dizzying collection of books, vinyl, gig posters and ephemera on display, and while it’ll be a definite hit with those who love hot rods and pinball, the range of goods looks broad enough to tempt all sorts of curio-hunters. It’s a bright new addition to a stretch of street that’s mostly dominated by car yards and light industry, and that rumour has it will be seeing some major changes. Watch the nearby spaces.