We’ve all had many chuckles at Damn You Autocorrect, but then we came to the shocking realisation that Steve Jobs must have secret insider knowledge of Wellington. Just behold these iPhone autocorrects:

  • Churton = Churn. “Behold how we churn through so much petrol with our SUVs in even going to the shop to buy a litre of milk”.
  • Crofton = Crouton. “Look at how classy we are out here in the suburbs, we put small cubes of bread in our salad”.
  • Newtown = Bestial. Goes without saying.
  • Hutt = Hurt. “I live in Lower Hurt – it’s not quite as painful as living in Upper Hutt”.
  • Petone = Perineum. Remember the short-lived Petone is full of jelly?

Feel free to add your own in the comments…