Dosai from Rasa. Not curry from Kayu Manis or Istana Malayisa. Sorry.

As well as carrying out all my usual duties as Empress of the Internet and Editor of the Wellingtonista, I’ve also been doing reviews of local Malaysian restaurants for Malaysia Kitchen – a global initiative that aims to educate and inform consumers about Malaysian cuisine and restaurants. It’s a hard life, being forced to eat tasty curry on someone else’s dime, I tells ya.

So you wanna be like me? Of course you do. Luckily, to celebrate May-lasia (I apologise for the pun, I didn’t make up that word!) you can get a free feed too.

Curry Challenges – crave the date (again, sorry!):

Can you handle the Malaysia Kitchen heat? Challenge your curry tolerance level during the month of May-laysia at your favourite Malaysian restaurant – for free.

Be the first 100 at the restaurant to taste and try a range of curries, test your taste buds and see how much they can handle. Save the date to be at the following restaurants for the Malaysia Kitchen Curry Challenge for free tastings of different curries and exciting prizes to be won:

  • Friday 13 May, 12 noon – 2pm, Kayu Manis, 201 Cuba St, City Centre, Wellington
  • Friday 27 May, 12 noon – 2pm, Istana Malaysia, 1-5 Allen St, City Centre, Wellington
    *Curries are taste sizes only, not full sized meals