food showYou don’t have to buy us breakfast to wax lyrical about the Food Show, but they did anyway. The Food Show launch breakfast at Hippopotamus was so delicious that it has made me determined that the next time I get to stay overnight in the Museum Hotel, I must do whatever is necessary in order to earn breakfast too.

But back to the Food Show! This year, it’s from May 27-29, at the Cake Tin as per usual. We advise you to take lots of money and wear comfortable shoes, as usual. The hot trend this year seems to be gluten-free food, looking at the product categories, but there’ll also be stacks of dips, ready-to-serve hot stuff, and delicious artisan food as well.  Lots of stuff to nom on, heaps and heaps of wine to try, and also, if you’re hooked on TV Chef shows, don’t forget to check out the Wellington Culinary Fare, where competitors race against the clock to complete a range of challenges and win the coveted ‘Chef of the Capital’ title.

Oh, and also the chefs that you watch on TV are going to be there as well. Who’s the celebrity chef we’re most looking forward to seeing? Why, that would be Alison Holst, for retro fun! If you can’t make it to the Food Show to see her – or if you can’t get through the crowds in time, check out this clip of her and son Simon in a 1978 Xmas special (you want Part 2), courtesy of NZ On Screen.

PS: Parents with oversized prams and/or toddling around children who might get trampled, perhaps maybe you could leave the kids at home? It can’t be much fun for the kids in the crowds, they’re not going to be served any wine, and frankly, it’d be better for the rest of us if the kids weren’t under our feet. THERE, I SAID IT! I love the Food Show. Don’t get in my way.