This guest post comes direct to us via the very talented Emma of Emma Makes

This Saturday it’s Craft 2.0 time again and I’ll be selling. I thought I’d also share some of my inside tips to making the most of the fair…

Become a friend of Craft 2.0

Signing up to become a friend of Craft 2.0 costs just $25 for a year’s membership. Buy a membership here.

As a friend you’ll get entry to the fair half an hour before other non-friend shoppers (well worth it because you can cherry pick the best/one-off stuff before anyone else gets a chance), get a regular newsletter outlining the best stuff about upcoming fairs, AND best of all: you get a goody bag of loot at every fair you go to. Trust me, with the amount of sugar those things usually contain, you’ll make the $25 back on lollies and chocolate alone.

Not to mention, this fair, in addition to all the sugar you also get: a ceramic butterfly brooch (RRP around $18), hair ties, discount vouchers, a soap sample (great for travelling) and more.

Read the profiles of crafters

Craft 2.0 is usually packed with hoards of people pushing to get to the stalls. While I enjoy looking around each and every stall as a shopper, it also plans to make a battle strategy. Before the fair, most crafters have profiles of themselves and what they make on the Craft 2.0 blog.

Read through them and note down specifics of what you’re looking for so you don’t miss out. This fair I’m particularly keen on Atticus Finch’s fox purses and Tinch Design Studio.

If you’re on Twitter and Facebook, follow/like Craft 2.0

It makes it easier to read the blog profiles.
Facebook page
Twitter account

Make a day of it
The Dowse (the venue for Craft 2.0) is also a museum/art gallery with great exhibitions and it has a super cafe with great food. Just go for the Shooting Star homemade bottled lemonade at Cafe Reka if you can’t muster up any other reason.

Visit Emma Makes

That’s me. My stall is  in the large room, in the corner and this time I have a full table and a rack of bags. Come and say hello. Don’t come and poke all my stuff and talk loudly about how you could make it yourself.