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Wellington on a delicious plate

by Joanna on July 4, 2011 in Events, Festival, Food & Drink

It has been a couple of weeks now since the launch of the Visa Wellington on a Plate programme, and we have been very remiss in not telling you about it. Your credit card, however, will thank us, as many of the events are now sold out.

The launch was held in Mojo’s roasting premises down on the Waterfront, a cavernous space that’s become quite the popular venue. It was customised for the launch with gorgeous purple, pink and orange bunting that was apparently handstitched by the Positively Wellington Tourism receptionist. Nice work!

The assembled crowd were treated to Palliser Estate Bubbly (so good!) and an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing spread on a high tea theme by Ruth Pretty. The mini snapper pies, and the macarons in three flavours were particular highlights. Don’t just take my word for it, I was lucky to hang out with three other food bloggers, so you can read coverage from Hungry and Frozen, Heartbreak Pie and Mrs Cake.

As I mentioned, lots of the events are sold out already, but there’s probably still things that will meet your interests. If we found $100 down the back of the couch, we’d definitely be off to Dr Grordbort’s at the Roxy in our best steampunk attire. Since we’re short of cash, however, we’re particularly looking forward to the Malaysian Night Market, which we imagine might be somewhat like the one held in Sydney not too long ago, covered by Grab Your Fork.

And of course, we’re also very excited about all the special lunchtime and dinner time menus restaurants are putting on for a mere $25 or $35. We’ll be eating as many as possible, and reporting back to you. Welington on a Plate kicks off on August 5, but until then, refresh your minds with our reviews from last year of Cupcakes & Cocktails, the Greenman Burger,  the $25 menu at Finc, and the $35 lunch at Foxglove.

Joanna McLeod

Joanna McLeod has started calling herself the Empress of the Internet because she can. As well as wrangling the other site contributors and Getting Shit Done, she likes to eat, drink and write in equal amounts. Yes, she would love to be invited along to your event in order to do those things. Joanna's also the best person to talk to if you're interested in advertising on the site.

hungryandfrozen July 4, 2011 at 6:10 pm

Can definitely attest to the quality of the macarons. And the company.

heartbreak pie July 7, 2011 at 11:50 am

I concur! Those pies were off the chain

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