Decaffinated but decent

One of the saddest parts about growing older is discovering that caffeine and I are not good friends. This is heartbreaking, because I love coffee and would happily drink it all day long if I could. But I can’t. And I don’t mean I have to ask Monterey to cut me off at four cups […]

Wellington on a delicious plate

It has been a couple of weeks now since the launch of the Visa Wellington on a Plate programme, and we have been very remiss in not telling you about it. Your credit card, however, will thank us, as many of the events are now sold out. The launch was held in Mojo’s roasting premises […]

Mojo Origins

We can’t help feeling a little bit pleased that one of the Starbucks on Lambton Quay has closed, and been replaced by a shiny new Mojo: This is the new Mojo Origins, out the front of Lambton Square, behind a schist facade that some years ago had been put together for an earlier tenant, Rodd […]

Mo’ Ho?

Some have accused Mojo of becoming Wellington’s answer to Starbucks, but according to one blogger, maybe they’re more like Hooters. Apparently, “All the female staff have their shirts buttoned down to the lowest feasible button meaning that any movement will expose a little more breast than your average cafe.” Is this a new moral low for coffee marketing? Such a major incident required fearless investigative reporting, so a fly was dispatched to Mojo to find out…