After getting in touch with appropriate people from Wellington City Council to discuss plans and get permission, it has become obvious that participating in Park(ing) Day is going to be difficult. Bylaws govern the use of vehicles in parking spaces within Wellington. However, I cannot find the specific bylaw implied by the officer I contacted:

You are advised that it is not appropriate for any pedestrian activity to occur on a public roadway, including parking spaces (i.e. regardless of whether any payment is made) without the approval of the Council, and any unapproved activity will be removed for the safety of the public.

WCC is both unwilling and unable to grant permission for such activities. With Rugby World Cup currently on, the clean, coordinated image comes first. RWC doesn’t seem to stop New Plymouth District Council, which is encouraging residents to participate.

What does this mean for Wellingtonians wanting to participate in Park(ing) Day? First, read through the Park(ing) FAQ and potentially move on to the Park(ing) Manual. If you are considering a park, make sure that safety absolutely comes first. Also, keep in mind that WCC will not take a friendly view to it, nor will ParkWise. Although creating a temporary park is a fun way to start a conversation about public spaces, a valid alternative would be to talk to your councillor directly.

Having said that, I will still be getting out there. I have the day off and I believe that there is room within the rules for a legally parked park.