Remember when we asked questions of mayoral candidates? Well it might have escaped your attention while people chased a little ball around a field, but there is an national election in less than a month’s time. Holy shit!

If you are running as a candidate in the Wellington region, we would like you to answer some questions for us. You get 30 words per answer (up from the mayoral limit of  25), and you better believe we’ll be publishing only those 30 words. We’ll also be publishing answers exactly as you write them, so make sure you get someone to proofread before you send them in. Please email your answers to, including what electorate you’re running in. We’ll publish responses in the order that we receive them.

Questions, and links to all the answers we’ve received so far, after the jump.

  1. Who are you and what do you want?
  2. You have 30 seconds to convince someone to come to Wellington. What’s your pitch?
  3. Where do you stand on the issue of opening up government data?
  4. Describe your bicycle, or your favourite bus route?
  5. When did you last use the library, a community centre, or a council-run sports facility?
  6. Would you welcome a central government driven “super-city” amalgamation of local authorities?
  7. What city inspires your vision for Wellington? How?
  8. Is the concept of democratic representation important to you? How so?
  9. What achievement for Wellington are you most proud of?
  10. What role do you think central government should play in local roading/public transport issues?
  11.  How can we make Wellington more environmentally friendly?
  12. What will you do to ensure diverse representation on government issues?
  13. What’s your personal history of living in Wellington?
  14. What policy of your party do you think will have the most impact on Wellington?
  15. Do you genuinely believe you have a chance at winning the seat you’re contesting, or is this more of a party campaign?

Update: We have received answers from:

Wellington Central


Te Tai Tonga

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Te Tai Hauāuru

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Hutt South



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