Turns out Wellington City Councillor Bryan Pepperell isn’t sure about the authenticity of the moon landings. On his facebook page, he states…

The moon landings are an open question. Having worked in photography in the 1960’s I’m still trying to figure out how the films survived 280F. There are more unanswered questions but is it a crime to doubt???

The “film would have melted on the moon” idea is one of those many bits of evidence pulled out by moon-landings-were-a-hoax conspiracy theorists, which, when reason and science is applied, is quickly debunked.

Bryan would also appear open to the idea that the Israeli intelligence service – Mossad – were behind 9/11 (having shared this video, also from his facebook page).

Who knew we had such an, er, ‘open-minded’ representative on our council seats?