After having a great evening at Fork and Brewer last week for the Official Wellingtonista Unofficial Webstock Wednesday Warmup, where large numbers of local beer and large platters of delicious nibbles were placed before us like the Web Royalty we wish/pretend/believe ourselves to be, I was extremely excited to hear about the event they are holding this Thursday. That’s right! Three days from now!

Stephen Beaumont, hailing from the land of maple syrup, Neil Young, moose, ice hockey and the lesser known Justin Beiber, is a food/beer/travel writer who has written for more publications than I dare mention and has travelled the world to do so. In short, Stephen is living my dream life!

The Fork & Brewer are hosting Stephen on Thursday night for a seven course beer and food matched dinner. Having eaten from their menu on a couple of occasions, and fallen in love with the Tuatara Porter Marshmallow, the prospect of sitting down and tasting the delectable beers that New Zealand has to offer, alongside a sample of New Zealand’s best cuisine is one that appeals.

So fellow Wellington beer and food enthusiasts – I urge you to take this opportunity to consume seven courses of fine food and draughts, with a man who knows what fine food and draughts truly are.

You can thank the Fork & Brewer along with Tuatara and Moa Breweries for this event. While Moa Brewery leaves a ‘bitter’ taste in the mouth (their ad campaigns, and halfhearted apologies re: previously mentioned campaigns, resulted in my avoiding their brews despite them obviously doing something right) I am a big Tuatara Ardennes fan and a fan of anyone encouraging the sampling of better beers and food in harmony.


What: Seven courses of fine NZ cuisine matched with local beer

Where: Fork & Brewer, 14 Bond St

When: Thursday 23rd February, 7pm

Price: $100 per person

Bookings: Contact Colin (04) 472 0033