Ha ha ha, of course we’re kidding. Let’s talk about pancakes instead.We wanna know where Wellington’s best pancakes are at.

Today for lunch I went to Cafe Panama (in fact, I am still there. Woo!), and this is what I ate:

I thought I was ordering standard pancakes with banana and bacon for $11.50, but she asked me at the counter if I wanted white chocolate & raspberry ones, so I was like, oh hells yes. And it cost me an extra $2 for not really a whole lot extra flavour. The bacon was really good and crispy though, and I loved that I was given a whole bottle of maple (flavoured) syrup, except it had a funny pourer on it that really limited my flow. Still though, it was a good Shrove Tuesday lunch, and the table was big enough for me to read the Dom Post at, which is always a bonus.

Other pancakes of note around Wellington? Well Cafe Kiallas in Newtown has great rhubarb compote and cinnamon marscapone that they serve with theirs, but the service has really gone down hill over the past couple of years. Where’s your favourite place to get your cake’o the pan on?