If you’re on the Twitters, you would have seen yet another digusting piece of bigotry and bullshit churned out by Rosemary McLeod about how transgender people shouldn’t be parents.

The @dompost rebuttal? “The column is her opinion.”. Yes, and they’re the ones who paid for her to have that opinion published.

Luckily, the Queer Avengers are actually thinking about the children, (like how Trans people in New Zealand have a suicide rate 25 times higher than that of non-trans people) and have organised a protest for tomorrow.

Protest against transphobia in the media, like Rosemary Mcleod’s recent article in the Domnion Post which launches a bigoted attack on trans parents. It’s time to celebrate good parents, whatever their background or identity, and say no to transphobia.

The protest runs today, Friday February 24 from 12:30pm until 13:30 at the Dominion Post, 40 Boulcott St. More information is about the event on Facebook.

Oh, and for more Rosemary-related lols, you must read this rebuttal from a Wellington sex worker to one of Rosemary’s older columns about exploited prostitutes with dirty feet.