Best of the week: May 11-18 2024

A new weekly feature! Here’s what was good! Hopefully future editions will include bests from other Wellingtonista members too. And don’t forget, if you want to contribute to the site, please email us! Best delivered food of the week The grilled lemongrass chicken salad from Rock Yard (pictured here with slow cooked pork in roti […]

We also have ‘opinions’ – a protest against transphobia

If you’re on the Twitters, you would have seen yet another digusting piece of bigotry and bullshit churned out by Rosemary McLeod about how transgender people shouldn’t be parents. The @dompost rebuttal? “The column is her opinion.”. Yes, and they’re the ones who paid for her to have that opinion published. Luckily, the Queer Avengers […]

Hands around the Basin – a protest

A guest post from Alex Braae The Basin Reserve is for many Wellingtonians a special place, and for many different reasons. The Basin is a place where memories are created, and I know from experience what an amazing spot it is for kids to play. It’s part of our heritage, and part of the life […]

Two marches you might want to join

Wellingtonians have two great opportunities in the next couple of weeks to join important causes and demonstrate that you are decent human beings. On Thursday June 9,  a march will be held through Wellington city to help stop homophobia and transphobia on our streets. Then on Saturday June 25, a Slutwalk is happening. Queer the […]