A new weekly feature! Here’s what was good! Hopefully future editions will include bests from other Wellingtonista members too. And don’t forget, if you want to contribute to the site, please email us!

Best delivered food of the week

The grilled lemongrass chicken salad from Rock Yard (pictured here with slow cooked pork in roti wraps). On sale for $20 instead of $27, this is exactly what you need if the colder weather has meant a lot of stodgy comfort food and you want an incredibly fresh change. There’s flavorful dressing, crunchy fried shallots and peanuts, zing from oranges, mountains of veges and a really generous amount of tasty chicken.

a chicken salad in a bowl

Best humans

People who went to all three protests today – two for Palestine and one for trans rights.

Best signs at the protest

a screenshot from Bluesky, with Lyndon Hood saying "Favourite placard was going to be "worry about Welly's plumbing not mine" but then I saw "nans for trans" " and NewImprovedTom replying "I liked the one that said "I love my trans kid" and in much smaller writing underneath "and the other one"

Best business

This goes to Zephyr Cafe, who closed today rather than making their staff serve the genital police. Legends. Their high tea sounds really good, and will be a go-to now though it’s booked out until July already.

Bonus points go to Lil Regie who were put in a really hard position and we would say good to Te Papa for flying the right flags today but we’re still shitty about them taking down the Treaty of Waitangi panel. We appreciate the Michael Fowler Centre being lit in trans flag colours tonight and hope that Andy Foster has a serious rethink about who he’s hanging out with these days.

Best nook of the week

On a sunny day you can sit at outside at a table in between the ribs of the National Library and the entrance to Home Cafe like it’s giving you a little cuddle. The lemon cake is excellent, but what the heck is up with the weird squirty butter (and oil mix) in tubes they give you with your scones now?

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