This week features contributions from Alan, Nadia, Emma and Joanna

Best value lunches for those days you’re working in town and have forgotten that you’re supposed to be making your lunch or eating leftovers…

I’m kinda hesitant to mention it (as I don’t want them to run out before I get there) but the $9 baguette sandwiches at the French Baker in Waring Taylor St are great value. Tuna, or blue cheese and walnut, or my favourite, the salami/lettuce/swiss with pickles… a little bit basic but plenty filling without torpedoing your bank balance. (Most similar things at Le Cloche or Bordeaux are $12 or more.) – Alan 

Best other good value lunches 

In Willis Lane  – Wilson’s BBQ in Willis Lane does a pulled pork toastie for $13.50 high quality food, very filling for under the $15 mark in CBD
Also City Bowl on the terrace offers a build your own salad, noodles and choice of meat, and two flavoured oils for under $10.  Not fancy but cheap and convenient.   – Nadia
Best photos taken by Emma at  week’s protest about the government’s dismantling of Māori rights
(how nice would it be if we didn’t have to have weekly protests about things?)
a sign that says "Not today, Satan" but with the 'Satan' crossed out and the word 'Luxon' written over it
an absolute sea of Māori flags on Lambton Quay
Best news for music fans
Best bird news
The call went out on Paekakariki twitter that cockatoos Jack & Poppy were stolen from their home. A day later we were delighted to find out they were found in their cage, the thief evidently deciding they were too bratty to hold onto. 
Stupidest way to spend $3024
Non-union cannons undercutting sex workers at $144 a bang
Best opportunity for you to write about something you love in this city and have it read by literally dozens of people and not get paid for it
That’s right here baby, send us an email with your pitch!