World of Games posterThe ‘ista may occasionally come across as a bunch of child-hating yuppies, but the truth is about 50% of us have kids, and we need to keep them entertained these holidays. So we’re gonna take them to Capital E. Why? Because we want to play the old school arcade games ourselves.

From building mechanical marvels with Meccano to pitting your guitar skills against the computer, the traditional and electronic worlds of gaming are brought together in this two week extravaganza. There’ll be Meccano models to inspire the young builder plus workshops to show you more. Using green screen technology see your creations come to life! Make a rocket and watch it land on the moon, a helicopter navigate Mount Cook, or set your own model animal free in the Amazon! Then it’s contenders at the ready as you compete against friends and family with XBox, Wii and Playstation games on the big screen. Try your hand at some older gaming formats, compete for honours with Kinect Sports and dance your socks off at Dance Central. With plenty for all ages you’re sure to leave inspired and exhausted!

In fact, we might even make a day of it and go see Around the World and Buck Again while we’re there. What are you doing with your kids?