Review: The two farting sisters

Dad is visiting China. He leaves older sister Stella in charge of the farm. This is a mistake as she promptly sells it, then scarpers off to Paris to spend the proceeds, leaving little sister Daisy the almost useless blackberry patch. However Daisy is very resourceful and hardworking. She is determined to buy the farm […]

A bunch of reasons to get outdoors

Look at that weather. Just LOOK AT IT. Woah! We’re going to assume from all the cars parked in Thorndon that you’re already going to Garden Magic events in the dell as part of  Summer City,but here are some other things you might wanna consider: Positively Pasifika: The winner of New Zealand Idol is going, […]

Help Ivy save the dinosaurs!

It’s school holidays again, and if you’re in charge of young people, chances are you’ve already heard that “I’m boooooooooooooooooooooooored”. We’d like to help you out with that (not just because it’s also in the best interests of the non-child-havers to keep kids occupied, honest)! So, we’re giving away a family pass (four people) to […]

Sky Dancer in the Capital E National Arts Festival

We’re grownups at the Wellingtonista, well, unless there’s a fart joke to be made, so when there’s a National Arts Festival for Children, we thought it would be good to get some children involved, so here are three reviews of Sky Dancer. Henry, age 11:  “Sky Dancer was not like anything I have seen before. […]

Purple Cake Day is this Sunday, and there’s cake

We like cake. We like high tea.  We like kids getting education. And we like the colour purple, Whoopi Goldberg not withstanding. So we’re definitely keen on Purple Cake Day this Sunday March 10. “Celebrate Purple Cake Day with High Tea at the Coronation Café. Come along to one of our four sittings for a […]

The kids are just fine at the Capital E National Arts Festival

While the urbanites of the ‘ista are all currently abuzz about the Fringe Festival, those amongst us who are parents (yes, we exist) are more excited about the Capital E National Arts Festival set to happen from March 11-23. During the weeks, the Festival runs an education programme, so expect to see bus loads of […]

Children on the waterfront – what to do on Anniversary Weekend

Hey, it’s Wellington Anniversary Weekend this coming weekend! That’s pretty exciting. There’s a great story in the newest issue of Fishhead all about the games and races they used to have in olden times to celebrate, but in current times, we have The Great Scavenger Hunt. Capital E (still very much alive even though they […]

Let us tell your kids where to go these holidays

The ‘ista may occasionally come across as a bunch of child-hating yuppies, but the truth is about 50% of us have kids, and we need to keep them entertained these holidays. So we’re gonna take them to Capital E. Why? Because we want to play the old school arcade games ourselves. From building mechanical marvels […]

No mere cat: the Meerkat encounter at Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo is now offering MEERKAT ENCOUNTERS. The capital letters are there to try to convey my excitement when I heard the news. I don’t think even capital letters can convey how excited I was when the zoo invited us along to meet the meerkats for ourselves. I’m making it my aim to touch all […]

Summer city

Fairy Trina and Fairy LilyFor some of the smallest Wellingtonistas the most important part of the council’s Summer City festival has finished with the end of Fairy Trina‘s wildly popular run of Enchanted Tales on Saturday.

And this evening marked the end of a series of pretty interesting evening Gardens Magic events with a gig by OdESSA. But fear not – there’s still lots more excitement for everyone between now and the end of March when the festival wraps up.

We’d recommend picking up one of the guides from the library or other spots around town; or failing that, download a copy from the council’s event website.

Then, assemble your own programme of activities. Hmmmm… maybe those same small Wellingtonistas would like to see The Phoenix Foundation on Valentine’s Day? Because their parents sure as hell would…