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Baby it’s cold inside

by Sue Tyler on July 10, 2013 in Art

A little late to the party but still something rather delightful has popped up in the city.  Cleave (a project between artist Gabby O’Connor, oceanographer Craig Stevens, curator Katharine Allard and the amazing kids from Miramar Central school) is living at 86 Victoria St Wellington until July 13 2013. It’s viewable 24/7 as it’s all internally lit.


Cleave is supported by Urban Dream Brokerage who are all about brining property owners and artists together to make empty spaces in our city a little more interesting, like People’s Cinema. This new work acts as a prequel to Gabby’s recent series of iceberg sculptures like ‘What Lies Beneath’ shown at the City Gallery, in 2011.

if you can’t make it do Check out the installation as a time-lapse. But do pop on by it is simply magical.

cleave install timelapse from Gabby O'Connor on Vimeo.

July 5- 13 2013.
86 Victoria Street Wellington, NZ

Is anyone else with me in thinking Gabby would be an ideal candidate to go to antarctica as an artist?

Sue Tyler

When not hiding in her glitter stash Sue Tyler spends most of her time playing with laser cutters, crafting and delighting in living in Miramar only 2.5 minutes walk away from her favourite cinema . She spends far too much time on twitter and is currently planning how to conquer the world using a hot a glue gun and moxie

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