As almost everyone is aware Beervana kicks off tomorrow. It’s very exciting for someone like myself who makes homebrew & has a lot to learn and it’s exciting for people who like beer and it’s exciting for people who like Wellington businesses doing great things and it’s just all very exciting!

Last year¬†the Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards had already occurred and we could tell you who had scooped up prizes. However this year the Awards are taking place as I type. I’ve seen via twitter that Garage Project has picked up an award, I have no idea what for, but they have an award so congrats to them!

Tomorrow and Saturday everyone has the opportunity to head to the Westpac Stadium and talk to brewers, taste their wares, learn about beer, taste more beer and generally revel in one of the greatest concoctions that is made from only four ingredients.¬†Beervana is not just for the beer boffin or the hop (h)officianado, while many perceive ‘craft beer’ (whatever that means) as elitist I’ve found that most Wellington brewers are more than happy to talk about beer and discuss the merits of what it is they are creating. They aren’t all trying to brew something that tears the tastebuds from your tongue in a fit of hops, many of them are trying to be more creative, to push boundaries and to challenge long held perceptions of what beer should taste like.

Speaking of which – this year the Festival Brew that many breweries take part in twists the foundation of what a beer should be made of with the “3 out of 4” theme, where one of the four core ingredients has to be substituted for something else.

Beervana not only offers a great chance to taste great beer and discuss it with the people who make it, it often gives people chances to drink certain beers, the Festive Brew and Media Brew for example that only exist for the duration of the festival.

If you do head along to Beervana make sure you take the time to head along to the seminars available, you won’t regret it.

I’m heading along tomorrow and cannot wait to learn more about this beautiful beverage.