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One Sleep till Bookfair

by Sue Tyler on August 16, 2013 in Books, Events

bookmarkSaturday  is  Wellington’s most amazing, most awesome, most excellent, book related event of the year – The DCM Annual Bookfair

Take 90000+ books, add LPs, CDs, DVDs, Cassettes, Magazines, Jigsaw Puzzles & Games galore.

Everyone going to bookfair has a strategy for this is one of those very few shopping events when you can’t spend ‘too much’ because all the money ALL THE MONEY goes towards DCM whose mission is to help the most vulnerable in Wellington.

My strategy is head straight for the sci fi – it clears out fast, then circle back for cookbooks and my favourite thing, vintage crafting books  – the older the better. Then just spend an hour randomly adding to my stash 😀

DCM’s number one priority is ending homelessness. Enabling people to get off the streets helping them find their own home and help them stay there.

So if you were wondering ‘oh should i get another book’? think YES because it helps make a change for the better in a person’s life, plus you get more books. Also did you know that for  each food parcel client DCM  address the underlying reasons for the shortage of food so that people don’t have to keep returning to a food bank for assistance. So your money spent on books makes a big huge amazing difference.

So here’s the details

Bookfair is on This Saturday and Sunday starting each day at 10am & running till 4pm. It’s at the TSB Bank Arena  and as an extra musical bonus DCM Ukes Matawaka will perform at the Bookfair, on Saturday  at 2pm and 3pm

If you can’t make it to the fair,  why not donate to DCM today and remember that for every $1 you donate, you can claim 33 cents as a tax deduction. So you can donate more next year



Sue Tyler

When not hiding in her glitter stash Sue Tyler spends most of her time playing with laser cutters, crafting and delighting in living in Miramar only 2.5 minutes walk away from her favourite cinema . She spends far too much time on twitter and is currently planning how to conquer the world using a hot a glue gun and moxie

DCM Wellington August 17, 2013 at 6:53 am

Thanks Wellingtonista! DCM may once again have been evacuated from our building in Luke’s Lane, but we are all down at the TSB Arena with a huge selection of seriously amazing books – the 2013 BookFair is definitely still on. Come down and join all the other Wellingtonians who not only love books, but also care about the most vulnerable people in our city.

Maximus August 17, 2013 at 5:37 pm

Spent $138 on books at DCM, with rather a large haul. Scary only you think that a single architectural book can cost that much alone. Now: just need more bookcases.

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