Candidate responses to our election questions coming in thick and fast! As before, the first 25 words to an answer get posted. Check our 2013 Election coverage for all responses as they come in.

Here is Helene Ritchie, candidate for Northern Ward and for the District Health Board.

1.      What should be the city council’s role in helping homeless people and beggars?

Ask them what they want/ need and assess through our community, health and other services where best if at all we might meet their need(s).

2.      What would you do to make Wellington more cycle and pedestrian friendly?

I would continue to be a strong voice seeking improvements, additions, safety, funding for off road tracks (already achieved recently) and new cycling/pedestrian infrastructure.

3.      How do you think traffic flow to the hospital and airport should be improved?

Through efficient, affordable, quality, accessible public transport and multimodal links-with clear priority for emergency services.

4.      What are your views on the suggestion Wellington needs to be “more than just Weta and Government” – what do you think are Wellington’s strengths?

Wellington is our Natural capital-our economy depends on our environment-our Town Belts; our Blue Belt (hills and harbour); our accessiblity, walkablility, easy connectedness.

5.      What will YOU do to get more investment, businesses, and business confidence in Wellington?

Showcase the above. Promote the innovative, creative, exciting, diverse, tolerant, safe, accessible coolest little Capital that we are.

6.      What does Wellington need more of, and what does Wellington need less of?

Wellington needs more understanding of the City we have become and less of the City we were, which some promote as if we still are!

7.      What would your city council provide for children and young people?

Parks, environmental education; indoor playspace; a Children’s Botanical garden (new); tracks, bush; community and family support services and classes; youth centres; sports grounds.

8.      What steps would you take to encourage civic engagement?

I’ve tried developing courses to train others; informing people by standing for election; petitions, issue campaigns; promoting civics in schools.

9.      Tell us about your personal earthquake plan / What’s unusual about your earthquake kit?

My plan will depend on where I am. I’ve got stacks of water but I might not be near it! A whistle. Flat shoes.

10.   Why should we vote for you?

Experience counts! As the longest serving councillor, I know how to make things happen for you. I do. I have. I will!

11.   Where can we find out more about what you stand for? I also have leaflets.