It’s fantastic that we’re getting so many answers to the questions we sent out to candidates, but we were flooding our homepage with them, so we’re now tidying responses away underneath the Elections 2013 category. You can also check out responses by area, assuming the candidates actually mentioned where they were running, AND there’s a full list below in reverse chronological order. Please note: It’s getting pretty close to voting time, so we are no longer accepting answers. 

Wellington City Ward map
Wellington City Ward map

Update: By now though you’re probably wondering: what Ward do I live in? There’s detailed maps at the Council website but on the right you can get an idea of the boundaries.

And for convenience, here’s the Candidate responses grouped by Ward plus those for the Mayoralty:

Voting papers get sent out three weeks before the official election date 12 October, so expect your postal ballot papers in the mail from about 23 September onwards.

You can mail these back anytime, but just make sure they’ll get back before the 12th. The official details around all this are on the Council website too.

There is in fact lots of dry but useful information on the Council’s election website, including candidate profiles and a list of upcoming “Meet the Candidates” meetings. There’s also the semi-official looking website which contains a list of many of the candidates’ top five issues.

And finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention the great coverage on the WCC Watch website. Tireless, those guys.