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The Best School Holiday Activity Ever

by Sue Tyler on September 26, 2013 in Events

There are loads of great things going on during the school holidays

Seasons from Capital E at Downstage

Light and Dark Art from Capital E at Carter Observatory

Makery Mayhem at the Wellington MakerSpace

Come As You Are at The Dowse


I am unsure if anything will quite beat the true joy and excitement that will be BOX +KID = FORT across the  Wellington city libraries.

Kilbirnie Library: Thursday 3rd October, 10.30am
Karori Library: Tuesday 8th October, 2pm
Wellington Central Library: Wednesday 9th October, 11am
Island Bay Library: Wednesday 9th October, 1:30pm
Johnsonville Library: Wednesday 9th October, 2pm

Because it’s free, you get to make a fort in the library and all the blankets, towels and sheets used in making the fort get donated to the SPCA.

My only problem with this event is that there is not an evening edition for adults, imagine turning the Central Library into this.

Sue Tyler

When not hiding in her glitter stash Sue Tyler spends most of her time playing with laser cutters, crafting and delighting in living in Miramar only 2.5 minutes walk away from her favourite cinema . She spends far too much time on twitter and is currently planning how to conquer the world using a hot a glue gun and moxie

Seamonkey Madness September 27, 2013 at 8:32 am

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