Once again Mr Burton has ventured into the mean streets of Newtown, this time to get his ramen on, but what he found has not been well-received.

“I took my first sip of ramen broth with eager anticipation, but alas, to my undoubtedly ethnocentric palate, it tasted oddly coarse – very porky and rather too salty. I finished the bowl but, whether from miso, MSG or just plain salt, I was left with a raging thirst for the rest of the evening.”

Well well well.  Our man David has outdone himself this time. Let’s check in on that term:


adjective \ˌeth-nō-ˈsen-trik\

having or based on the idea that your own group or culture is better or more important than others

Seems a rather strange thing to say for a man who prides himself on how authentic he is that he can order from the Chinese menu at places. Is everything okay David? Do you need a cuddle?

Meanwhile, the Fly doesn’t have too much to say about David’s review of Automat in Khandallah, except thank goodness he mentions he drives a V6 to reclaim his manly status after recommending a tofu dish! Oh and also

“It was Al Brown, I believe, who introduced us to the trendy little burgers known as sliders.”


Wellington has one daily newspaper, and that newspaper has one restaurant critic, who certainly has his own… distinctive style. The Fly has decided that David Burton needs some accountability. We’re giving him his own series