And not as a result of the Cooking with Ice: Liquid Nitrogen demo.

Yes this middle of the night post is a direct result of WOAP weekend eyes-bigger-than-stomach issues.  I somehow managed to have three events this first weekend, and to squeeze in a burger as well (plus observe others squeezing in more).

So to the burgers first since you can still get your choppers around those:

  • The Ti Kouka Double Beef Burger –  a beef double-down with buns (unlike the Duke Carvell’s Double Down pure a’la’KFC being tackled by a work colleague – report to come).  TK’s rated as very very good, with Shep’s usual touch of magic.
  • Burger JimmyThe Jimmy’s Bee Piggy (pictured) – delicious on all fronts and not too meaty for the non-double-downers. Also very very good, other than the boring shoestring fries (and kinda cool among the theatre ambience).
  • The Spruce Goose’s Bait and Tarragon – the burger version of a whitebait sandwich.  Rated as good with impressive doorstop fries.

And to the events:

  • Friday evening’s Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker – a classy evening market among the BMW’s of Boomrock’s suppliers (Mojo, Bordeaux, Zany Zeus, Olivo, Ora King Salmon presented several delicious ways by guest chef Glen Taylor of Taylors on Jackson, Harringtons, Tuatara, Carello del Gelato, to name just a few).  A good reminder of the importance of suppliers and the wonderful ones we have locally.
  • Nitro cookingSaturday evening’s Cooking with Ice: Liquid Nitrogen demo – The most fun ever in a kitchen.  Lots of smoke, bubbling liquids, OMG stories and even some hands on creating. The swan song being a tiramisu showcasing all the techniques from the evening.  And these folks are Wellington-based with more events in the planning (keep your ear out for something at the Malaghan Institute or contact Caitlin at Caitlin Le Harivel).
  • Sunday evening’s Hannahs Laneway Banquet – simply stunning.  Setting, decoration, food, ambience, logistical coordination, smoothness of delivery, weather.  The four ‘courses’ were really four series of dishes, hence the exploding stomachs (Laneway donut treesorry K, I just have to show the donut tree finale!), collaborated by the wonderful artisans from the lane (Leed Street Bakery with the TK folks’ magic touch again, Wellington Chocolate Factory, Pomodoro Pizza, Goldings Dive Bar, Wellington Chocolate Factory, Fix and Fogg peanut butter, Six Barrel Soda, Red Rabbit Roastery, and the Catering Studio soon-to-be-the-new-Egmont-Street-Eatery behind WCF – check out progress here).  And again, keep your ear to the ground as there were whispers circulating about a summer re-run…

Bring on the rest of week one.