Last night I sat down and drank a glass of my very own home-brewed IPA (India Pale Ale). It wasn’t my finest work (I’d rate it alongside/just under Tui in palatability) but it was mine, I made it and I enjoyed making it.

I’ve made better beer. In fact I’ve even made one that I thought decent enough to inflict upon people other than close friends. I entered said beer in the Home Brew Comp at Beervana, which kicks off this Friday (22 August). Now I doubt it’s a winning beer that’s going to blow the judges minds BUT it’s a pretty damn tasty Oat Stout!

I like a lot of things about beer. Brewing it, learning about it, the variation in ingredients, the stories behind specific beer origins and of course tasting it. I can get involved with all of these things in one way or another over the two days that Beervana runs and this is why I love it so.

Homer Simpson dreaming of himself prancing around a tanker spouting beer like a fountain
I appreciate the sentiment but abhor the wastage of beer.

Beervana is now into its 13th year and this year is set to be its best and biggest yet!


  • the New Zealand meeting of the Pink Boots Society, who are an awesome organisation who are “Empowering women beer professionals to advance their careers in the beer industry through education”;
  • three award winning brewers flying out from ‘Big Wellington’ otherwise know as Portland as part of the inaugural “Beervana Exchange
  • the media brew competition is sure to be grand with 19 brewers teamed up with beer-loving journalists to make a Spring themed beer which can contain any yeast, any liquid, any grain and any hops but must also contain one intrinsically or native New Zealand ingredient.
  • a new Beervana App where you can log and rate the beers you sample during your session at Westpac Stadium
Screengrab of Beervana App lo
Be warned: You may encounter spam as a result of installing this app
  • two live recordings of the Beer Diary Podcast on Friday and Saturday evening
  • 4 home brewing masterclass sessions with NZ brewers
  • A ridiculous number of cool beer and food matching sessions
  • and let’s not forget the 60+ breweries and 250+ beers that will be on show.

There is far too much on offer to possibly hope to experience it all, never mind the fact that you’d be spending over $600 on tasting every beer and your liver would murder you in your sleep if you put it through such torture.


With so much on offer you are practically guaranteed a great time. You’ll have the opportunity to taste fantastic beers from NZ, Australia, UK & America and apply the Buffalo Theory as you wander about  expanding your knowledge on all things good about beer.