So a further update on the WOAP menus and burgers (some just because they’re within easy striking distance of one’s corporate workplace)…

  • PanM molettePan de Muerto’s Mollete (pictured minus its lid for photographic purposes) was pretty good but could have done with more pork in proportion to the nasty beans.
  • The Monsoon Poon Bangkok Beef Burger was a good concept (apparently a winning recipe from an American burger competition) but needed more green curry oomph.

And the Logan Brown Mardi Gras New Orleans Jazz Brunch if they do it again next year….. definitely a pleasant way to wile away a cold wintery Sunday. Go in a group, and don’t necessarily expect to see the musicians; it’s about creating the background ambience as much as anything. Tasty food by Sean Clouston.

Still a week to go folks.