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World Homeless Day

by Sue Tyler on October 9, 2014 in Outdoors

Today is ‪‎World Homeless Day‬, when we often find ourselves asking, what can I do to help those in my own city who are experiencing homelessness?


One practical way you can help is by giving or encouraging people to give to DCM Wellington
– Each year DCM works with over 800 people in Wellington.
– Most will have experienced homelessness.
– Over 100 will have slept rough.

Many dream of a place to call home. $25,000 will enable DCM to support 25 Wellingtonians to move from homelessness to housed. It’s three times cheaper to give housing to the homeless than to keep them on the streets so with your help, DCM will work with them to find a place to call home.
It’s not just a dream.

To help, please go to

Sue Tyler

When not hiding in her glitter stash Sue Tyler spends most of her time playing with laser cutters, crafting and delighting in living in Miramar only 2.5 minutes walk away from her favourite cinema . She spends far too much time on twitter and is currently planning how to conquer the world using a hot a glue gun and moxie

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