UPDATE: Due to that dastardly weather causing havoc across Wellington today the Beer & Blade Vanuatu Fundraiser has been postponed until tomorrow night, Friday, 15 May.

You may recall, amidst all the atrocities that occur on a far too regular basis throughout the world, that in mid-March Vanuatu was hit by Cyclone Pam. The cyclone killed over 10 people, impacted on the lives of tens of thousands of people in Vanuatu and neighbouring islands and destroying infrastructure. The island of Tanna was especially devasted with many of the crops of cava, coconut and coffee, that contribute a large amount to the economy being destroyed.

This Thursday, 14th May, you have the chance to do some good while drinking beer as Boar & Blade, Tuatara and Mojo are fundraising at The Third Eye.

Mojo Coffee, who got the last of the coffee beans from Tanna before Cyclone Pam hit, teamed up with Tuatara and have made the new Vanuatu Coffee Porter. Not only can you get your lips around a tasty porter, perfectly matched by the weather we are having, you can also get your haircut/beard trimmed by the guys from Boar & Blade AND you can be an awesome human and donate $$ to the coffee growers of Vanuatu to help them get them back on their feet.

Boar and Blade Fundraiser

You may think that this will leave you feeling fantastic and you’d be right! You’ll feel even better when you realise you can get all of this for only $20. And fear not! If the idea of a porter does not appeal you can choose any other pint that’s on offer, with all proceeds assisting coffee growers who supply beans to Mojo Coffee in cyclone-hit Vanuatu.

Your beard could look as good as the ones on these faces!
Your beard could look as good as the ones on these faces!