Review: Wings

by librarykris on May 29, 2015

Quinn (Victoria Seymour) and her younger sister Bambi (Hannah Botha) are on a road trip to their mother’s funeral. They haven’t seen each other since Quinn left home suddenly 10 years ago. On the way they stop in a remote part of the Waikato to pick up their other sister Mo (Lydia Buckley-Gorman). Quinn doesn’t know what sort of woman Mo has become, and Bambi hasn’t seen her for a while either. Trapped together on the long car ride the women play games, sing songs, and share stories about their mother that may have been better left alone…

Tabitha Arthur directs a wonderfully dark script by Jess Sayer that comes complete with mystery and a growing sense of dread. Seymour plays the sister who left first with a layer of guilt under the awkward snippiness of her character. Botha brings a core of determination to her flaky Bambi while Buckley-Gorman is startling as the youngest sister trying to reconnect with her sisters while having an agenda of her own.

  • Wings at BATS Theatre until Saturday 30 May 2015.

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