The Wellingtonista sent along Glen Barris, a mature and frankly very attractive, student of Architecture along to the launch of the Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival.

He seemed to enjoy it:

“The Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival is on in Wellington until 10 June.

On Thursday night I went to see ‘Bernardes’ – a documentary about the Brazilian modernist architect Sergio Bernardes, who at one time was nationally celebrated but is now largely unknown. Much larger than life, Bernardes was a racing car driver and womaniser but most of all an astonishingly prolific and gifted architect with a feel for people. He was the flawed genius who at the height of his success committed everything he had to a grand plan for the future of Brazil and a better life for its people. At every setback he refocused and pushed on until he died, bankrupt and marginalised by everyone. The story behind this documentary plays out as a real life tragedy. Incredible, inspiring and full of personality.

The Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival is all about inspiration and this was a great way to start.”