Ella (Susie Berry) has a new job working on a psychic hotline. Audrey (Isobel MacKinnon), her sister, is a postgraduate student investigating the links between fairytales from different countries. Their brother Ben (Jack Buchanan) is interested in making machines; in tangible objects rather than computers. Audrey comes to live with Ella while her flat is renovated but there is a tension between them. The way Ben contributes to that tension is shown throughout the play.

This play investigates memory, personal narratives, family relationships, jealousy, and different versions of family stories. The script by Cassandra Tse was the Winner of the 2015 Playmarket Playwrights b4 25 competition. Director Lori Leigh brings out the darkness and mystery in it. This is helped by live music provided by Stephen Clothier and Natalie Hunt who use their instruments in interesting ways. Lighting design by DW Storyteller highlights the multilayered set, by Lucas Neal, and helps the characters tell their story. All three actors give their characters multiple layers. Along with the multiple narratives this makes for a very interesting play.

Dark  and measured.