Review: Hillary Clinton / Young Lover

Richard Meros is back. Older, more travelled, more ambitious in his attempt to bring about a golden age of trans-pacific partnerships.  He’s convinced Hillary Clinton needs a young lover to boost her poll ratings so that she can get into the White House. (And be in charge.) (Of the country… etc etc.) His aim for the evening is to convince us that he should be that young lover.

Arthur Meek is undoubtedly charming as Meros. He expresses a whimsical aura of self delusion as he unpacks truths (and half truths) about intergenerational relations using Powerpoint on giant screens as a visual aid. His interactions with the audience are well judged with an old-tech hiccup seamlessly integrated.

However. Despite his assertions in the preview, Meros is angling for a physical relationship which makes this show challenging for me as it becomes first another example of a man turning a woman into an object, and then an exploration of obsession masquerading as harmless amusement.

Uncomfortably funny. The film version will be released late March.


Review: Discharge goes back to school

It’s the final day of the final term for Eastland High. There are two assemblies and some classes to get through then they’re finished for the year.  Five performers play multiple characters – the principal, the receptionist, teachers, and students.

Discharge Collective have woven together stories to make an entertaining show exploring the high school experience. Much like timetabled classes we get to see the individual subjects one after another.  Abby Howells is hilarious as a homeschooled student professing to love her P.E. class at school. Heidi Geissler is adorable as the girl trying to make small talk in the bathroom. I loved Harriet Hughes’ insolent trouble maker and Alayne Dick’s cheerful student-losing-her-best-friend. My favourite scene featured Josephine Byrnes as a chronically chirpy school leaver giving her teacher some tips on a better school leavers’ reference letter.

A nice way to start NZ Fringe.

  • Discharge goes back to school, directed by Heidi Geissler, written and performed by Discharge Collective, on at BATS Theatre to 13 February 2016.