I’m not entirely sure how to describe this show.

Part costumed-wonder, part avant-garde art piece, (A Smidge of) Pidge is a black comedy about identity and anxiety and pigeons.

I think.

Sherilee Kahui dances about BATS’ Propeller Stage for an hour dressed in an elaborate pigeon costume. She drinks wine, shares gingernuts, and recreates an iconic scene from Love Actually with twice the heartbreak, and significantly more pigeons.

It’s bizarre, confusing at points, but ultimately glorious.

Kahui is fantastic to watch, thoroughly emotive and hilarious. Although the dialogue in this piece is fairly minimal, her facial expressions and specificity in her movements is more than enough to make up for it.

While it may be impossible to divine the exact final point of the piece, there is no lack of joy and introspection within it. Are we just scraggly pigeons trying to fly high with the wings of life and ultimately failing? Is the meaning of life just waiting at the bottom of an abandoned box of chips?

I’m not totally sure, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. (A Smidge of) Pidge is very fun and well worth your time.

(A Smidge of) Pidge is being performed at BATS Theatre in Wellington from now until the 1st of September. Grab your tickets here!