Four women on the run break into an abandoned theatre to shelter from a terrible storm. The group’s leader, Benny, is the first to notice they’re not alone – there are two others in the building. It takes the group of women a little while to discover that the ‘others’ are ghosts but by then it might be too late…

This “collaborative production” comes from an idea and script by director Emma Maguire and explores different reactions to grief. It’s a cracking ghost story with elements of hilarity and horror and existential ennui.

The women – Beth Jones, Emii Wilson, Natalie Wilson, Monica Reid – each get a chance to bring forward their character’s story in a short monologue. There are sections of dance and some stage violence so their roles are quite physical at times. I liked the chemistry between the different pairings as they aired their grievances with each other or stepped in to support. I really enjoyed the snide comments between Logan McGregor and Tara Weston-Webb in their ghostly characters.

NB: This show has a content warning for violence and the programme includes organisations to go to for help if you’re distressed at the end of it.

Why are we still here  is one of 6 plays in the 6 Degrees Festival all “led and created by Masters students at Victoria University. The festival aims to introduce new emerging artists, whilst celebrating a year of work and learning; demonstrating the knowledge and experience we have all gained.” Also on as part of the 6 Degrees Festival at BATS Theatre:

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